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Über unsere Trampoline und Anwendung

All elements are weatherproof and can be used all year round. A mat is made of blocks with high resistance to vandalism suspended on a steel lines and springs. The steel structure is hot-dip galvanized or twofold powder coated ensuring high corrosion resistance. Safety surface around each trampoline protects against injuries during falls and is made of SBR / EPDM boards.

Our trempolines sets are jumping playgrounds. 

Trampolin XL Bodentrampolin Großes öffentliche in-boden Trampolin für Spielplätze Schule Park Spielplatz

Kampf der Langeweile und der Schwerkraft

Trampolines for playgrounds is a combination of fun and intensive training. Moreover outdoor and amused in a children group.

Total body workout
While jumping we engage the muscles of the whole body. We improve coordination, jumping, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance. These are motor efficiency necessary for the proper development of children.

Jumping fitness for women
It is a modern and specially developed training on the trampoline, which improves posture and strengthens the muscles. Exercises are taken from a variety of sports, based on the dynamic jumps. It is addressed to women who dreamed of a slim figure. The list of exercises is placed on the information board.

For children
This is a fantastic form of entertainment, which makes a great joy and a positive effect on health. Hyperactive children helps relieve energy. For people suffering from lack of appetite and sleeplessness might be great therapy.

Losing weight
on trampolines is three times faster and more effective than when running. Just a few minutes of training speeds up the heart and we begin to get rid of excess weight. During one session we can burn up to 1200kcal!

Frame of mind
Outdoor activities reduces stress and helps to forget about problems. Jumping has a positive effect on well-being, and on the face of the child and the adult will visit a wide smile.

Acrobatic gymnastics
Jumping on a trampoline is an Olympic sport belonging to the acrobatic gymnastics. Now available outdoor in open public places.

Stop the boredom!
You can make playgrounds full of life full of smiling and happy children. That's why you need to have the park trampolines!


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