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Kinder Stepper

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Stepper OFKids





Übung Schwierigkeit: 

Geeignet für Kinder 100 -140 cm groß.


Stärken Sie die Taillenschultern, den oberen Rücken und die Schulter- und Beinmuskulatur.

Setz dich auf den Sitz. Setzen Sie Ihre Füße auf die Pedale, greifen Hände hinter beide Griffe.
Ziehe den Griff zum Bauch, der deine Beine streckt. Rückkehr zur Ausgangsposition.

Leicht bis mittel.



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Über Kinder Fitness und das Unternehmen

AN IDEA – We create new ideas. We make dreams come true.
Seeing children's interest in the outdoor gyms for adults we have created a set of devices adjusted to our toddlers' height and skills. Now a playground or an outdoor gym is a place for children to exercise on safe equipments.

QUALITY – We care about the quality for you.
Basing on our experience in the production of outdoor gyms and having installed more than 1000 gyms in Europe we have developed our own optimal technical solutions which ensure reliability of the equipment. Our devices are produced under quality control standards ISO 9001 

SAFETY – our social responsibility
Our gyms for children have been designed basing on EN 16630 standards so they can be used on public playgrounds for children. We looked to minimize the risk of dangerous jams and strikes. We protect our children.

ECOLOGY – Let's protect the environment
The materials we use can be 100% recycled. Our manufacturing processes and waste utilization meet European requirements. We use European materials. The distance of the transport is as short as possible (from our factory in Poland) so we emit less carbon dioxide (co2).

PATTERN DESIGNING – drafted by Starmax in Poland
Products line has been designed in our company's research and development department. Dawid Mazur is our designer and Marek Starczewski is the consultant.

A PATENT – we protect our intellectual property
Industrial Designs of OFKids products are under patent protection in the European Union. Copying our products is prohibited.

MATERIALS – steel, aluminium and HDPE
We use high quality materials for the production of equipments to provide long service life. The steel structure is painted with two coats of paint powder. Treads are made of corrugated aluminium. 

Seats and wheels are made of HDPE UV resistant. We use self-lubricating bearings produced in Poland. INOX version devices are made of stainless steel 301.

A WARRANTY – there's nothing to worry about. 
We guarantee failure-free usage of the products used as intended and in accordance with an instruction for many years. We provide 5 year warranty for the construction of the devices and 2 year warranty for other elements and corrosion protection. Detailed warranty conditions are included in a warranty card and General Delivery and Payment Conditions.

INSTALLATIONS – the guarantee of professionalism 
We recommend to commission the installation to our assembly team. The installation of products is quite easy for a qualified team and can be done by a buyer. For details refer to the instruction.

We offer a 10-year access to spare parts, consultation in case of a breakdown, the costing of service as well as repair and replacement service in the selected European countries. As a manufacturer we can guarantee the availability of every spare part and a long-term service.

COLOURS – colour palette RAL
The basic colours of the devices are green RAL 6018 and grey RAL 9006. We also paint the other colours chosen by our customers.

LOGISTICS – time and distance
Devices are available as current inventory in our warehouse in Gdańsk. In case of larger or custom orders production time is from 4 to 6 weeks.

A SURFACE – aesthetics and safety
The devices do not require the safety surface with regard to low height of the fall. The surface may be a lawn, a gravel surface or paving stones. For aesthetic reasons and to increase the safety of our children we suggest surfaces of EPDM.


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